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Base – is a comprehensive solution
for event production and marketing


BASE is a comprehensive solution for event production and marketing

BASE is a collection of modules that cover all your needs. You can customize everything to fit the requirements of your event. BASE is a user-centered and polished easy-to-use solution: all information is managed in one place, with one click. Why should things be complicated when they can be easy?

Social Project Management | Social Media Management | Content Management  | Synchronized Website and Mobile Application Management  | Brand Management  | Customer Management | Email Marketing Management  | Display Marketing Management | QR/RFID/NFC Management | eCommerce | Analytics

  • Easy content management
  • Flexible templates
  • Different user levels
  • Databases
  • Social media feeds and monitoring
  • Mobile application management
  • Newsletter
  • eCommerce
  • File management
  • Extranet
  • Form tool
  • RSS feed
  • Blog
  • Event calendar
  • Language versions
  • Interfaces and integrations
  • Efficient data security
  • Support services
  • Reliable server space
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Integrated Google Analytics

Lost In Music

“BASE made my work simple. I handled large amounts of information on daily basis and using the solution which was customized for us ensured that everything remained under control." – Emmi Pääkkönen, producer Lost in Music is the largest show case festival in Finland. In 2015, 591 artists applied to the festival, of which the jury chose 111 performers for 15 different venues. The festivalgoers could follow the developments on the website as well as using a mobile application. The amount of data to be kept up to date was massive. Thanks to BASE, the work could be done by one person, alongside other tasks. BASE enabled managing all of the content from one place, with one click: each update was displayed automatically on both the website and the application. The users could also simultaneously manage and moderate their social media feeds. This year’s Lost in Music also relies on the tried and true BASE solutions. They have been designed to facilitate your work – to smoothly provide your guests versatile and up-to-date content.

Lost In Music


“BASE keeps up with development. We have always been enthusiastic about piloting new features and have thus received content that sets us apart from other festivals.” – Sami Rumpunen, Head of the festival One of these pilot projects was OmaProvinssi which connected BASE and Facebook. After registration, the system showed the user their friends who were going to the festival and their favorite bands getting on stage. By building their Provinssi history, the user could see who had been at the festival the same years as them. Based on the festival history, BASE distributed Facebook badges differentiating novice festivalgoers from veterans. In the summer of 2015, Provinssi piloted the utilization of social media feeds in the festival area. Updates shared by festivalgoers were directed on to the screens by the main stage – with everything naturally being moderated through BASE. Provinssi uses almost all of the BASE solutions. The website has more than a million visitors per year and the festival area brought together over 100 artists and 70,000 guests. Information must therefore be versatile, interesting, and easily distributed.



BASE makes your work easier

BASE is the perfect solution for event production and marketing. It is highly customizable: you can choose the modules that are important for your event. All information management is concentrated into one single place with each component communicating with each other. BASE has been designed for the user – it is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and polished solution. Why should things be complicated when they can be easy?




Website and application updates in one place, with one click

Content management is easy using the artist tool. All changes are updated automatically both on the website and in the mobile application. The schedule view is created automatically, also in a social media shareable format. With BASE, you can offer your guests versatile content that is always current, regardless of the channel.


#manage and #utilize your guests’ updates

Taeggie Feed is a part of the BASE solution. It combines updates from various social media channels into one easy-to-manage feed. Using the versatile and customizable control tool you can effortlessly moderate your update feed in many different ways. Bring together Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your chosen hashtags. Showcase everything or cherry-pick the best bits. You decide - BASE does the rest for you.

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